Bamboo Blinds Provides Privacy and Light Control

bamboo blinds
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Choosing bamboo blinds isn’t an easy job, so let’s break it down into little pieces!

  • The very first piece about how to select the perfect bamboo shades for your house is about how to keep out the neighbors from being able to peep into your personal space! If you live in a large home, and have a large window, the best thing to do is purchase bamboo blinds that are custom made, and can be opened up completely. You want to be able to let natural light in, while keeping out all of the noise from outside. Now, this might sound difficult, but it really isn’t, as long as you know what you are doing.
  • The next thing you will want to do is find a website that offers custom bamboo blinds and let them know what type of window frame you have. Normally, you will have to drill some holes in the window frame to install the shades. Once you have done this, then you can go ahead and order your bamboo blinds. Many companies will have some great ideas, that you just have to take note of, in order to get the right style and color for your home.
  • Once you have ordered your bamboo blinds, you should look at the different types of slats that they offer. Most companies will sell bamboo blinds with standard horizontal slats, as well as vertical slats. The slats will have to be cut to the proper length, depending on how much light filtering you want.
  • Once you have decided on the type of slats, as well as the style of bamboo blinds you want, then you need to focus on finding the window frame that will fit your new blinds. Your window frame may come with a ready-made cover that you just have to measure the new window frame to fit it. If you are able, try to find a wood frame that matches the grain pattern of your bamboo blinds. This will make it much easier for you to match the two together, once you have them installed.
  • When you have all of your measurements taken care of, then you are ready to start shopping around for bamboo blinds window treatments. One of the easiest ways to find bamboo window treatments is to turn on your computer and look through a few websites. This should give you plenty of options for styles, prices and companies that sell window treatments that you can use in your home.

Bamboo blinds give you the privacy and light control you desire, yet still allow some light to filter through. You will be amazed at how much privacy you can get when using bamboo shades and treatments. You are going to be amazed at how light can filter through, yet how much of a view you can still have. This is one of the main reasons people use bamboo shades and treatments in their home. You will find many people will use them for privacy and because of the natural shade and pattern, they also provide some much needed UV protection.