Zebra Blinds – Versatile Window Treatments

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What exactly is Zebra Blinds anyway?

Zebra blinds are basically roll-up blinds with fabric woven into the “bumper”. There is a single strip of fabric which has two horizontal bands: a plain fabric band and an eye catching fabric band. Bands look like they are one after the other, but in reality they are spread apart by a slight margin.

The zebra blind consists of horizontal bands which are all attached to each other, forming either a zigzag or a loop system. They can be open all the way or very tightly closed. When closed, they allow light in, but when opened, they provide privacy as well. This combination of providing light and also allowing some light through has made this type of window treatment very popular. They are most commonly used in offices and home windows, where light control is a major problem, but they are also being used to make large rooms more energy efficient by controlling the amount of natural light entering a room.

You can use zebra blinds of any color, although darker colors are generally used for larger rooms, while lighter shades are normally used in smaller rooms or offices. Natural light can be prevented from entering a room if the window is fully closed, but if the window is open, the shades will allow some light to enter. If this is done correctly, then the result is an even brightness in the room. To achieve this effect, the roller blind must be placed in a position such that the slats are parallel to each other.

Because zebra blinds have been designed to give a complete privacy and light control, it is not uncommon to find them used in conservatories or sunny windows. Because the slats of these vertical blinds can be turned, angled or turned in a variety of directions, they are very effective at ensuring privacy, while still allowing some light to enter. This allows people to enjoy the benefits of both a light control and privacy characteristic. This is especially useful in conservatories, offices or sun rooms where an eye catching feature is desired, but where light control is also desired.

Unlike some conventional wooden blinds, zebra blinds consist of a horizontal and vertical zigzag pattern, rather than a strip or solid panel. These differences allow the shades to be mounted at different heights and in different positions relative to each other, which can enhance the light control feature and privacy characteristic as described above. Mounting the blinds in a horizontal position usually results in lower costs and easier maintenance. The vertical ones can also be mounted in the same manner, although their height may need to be slightly increased to provide a decent level of privacy and light control. When choosing different sizes and different mounting positions, however, it is important to ensure that the size of the slats corresponds with the size of the opening.

Zebra blinds may be painted any color, although light or dark tones tend to look best when used together. Although there is a wide variety of paint options available for roller blinds, those who wish to match an existing decor or furniture should consider using sheer fabric as a coordinating backdrop. Other options for use with zebra blinds include fabric to painted patterns and other patterns, or even integrating the fabric into a pattern on the outside of the blind.