Choosing Window Blinds For Your Home

A window blind isn’t really a window cover at all. It’s simply a kind of window covering made from a mesh backing. There are several different types of window blinds that use various systems for controlling the slats. However, common window blinds are composed of multiple long horizontal (or even vertical) slats of varying kinds […]

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How Spring Windows and Doors Can Enhance Your Home

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If you are thinking about renovating your home or office, then consider investing in Toronto windows and doors from a windows and doors company. There are several benefits to going with the best windows and doors company that offer the highest quality, design and customer service. This article will discuss some of these advantages. These […]

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Different Styles Of Window Blinds

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A window blind is just a kind of window covering made from fabric or vinyl. There are various types of window blinds that make use of various control systems. The control systems can be rollers, hinges, or operated by a remote control. In this way, the window blind can be used as something that completely […]

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Cords For Your Cordless Blinds

cordless blinds

Cordless blinds and window shades are newer window coverings that don’t incorporate the traditional plastic or wire cords that many of us are accustomed to. Rather, these products now come equipped with tiny dangle-style strings, which automatically adjust as you open and close the window. There’s nothing to pull, and instead, the ropes that work […]

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Advantages of Aluminum Mini Blinds

aluminum blinds

Mini blinds are a kind of sheer horizontal window blind usually made from long, narrow slat panels held together with strings by a roller mechanism. Its slats tend to be no more than half the length of a standard vertical blind, and can be made from either aluminium, measuring about 15 millimeters or 25 centimeters, […]

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Faux Wood Blinds Versus True Wood Blinds

faux blinds

Many individuals love the appearance of faux wood blinds versus real wood blinds, however they are not entirely sure if faux or real wood really is the ideal choice for them. What do you need to know before deciding between these two blind types? First you should understand the difference between faux wood and real […]

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Zebra Blinds – Versatile Window Treatments

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What exactly is Zebra Blinds anyway? Zebra blinds are basically roll-up blinds with fabric woven into the “bumper”. There is a single strip of fabric which has two horizontal bands: a plain fabric band and an eye catching fabric band. Bands look like they are one after the other, but in reality they are spread […]

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